3 Things Most Parents of Children with Autism or ADHD Don't Know

adhd autism children fear May 02, 2019

Autism and ADHD aren't a Death Sentence... In Fact, They're quite the opposite.

  1. What if autism and ADHD aren’t disorders but a form of brilliance, specialness, a window into another world. Books written by children with autism tell us that they’re here to show the rest of us the way home.

The way home to what? To a part of ourselves we spend our lives searching for. They aren’t here to people please, or to follow society’s norms. They see life in a whole different way.

We see more kinds of brilliance in Autism and ADHD than in any other area of life. It’s where savantism, genius, hyper focus, and world change lives. In academics, the arts, and often also in an innate understanding of humanity.

  1. Research shows that where autism is found in a family, there is at least a 60% chance of ADHD, more autism, very linear thinking, and/or hyper focus. What does this tell us? It tells us that something special runs through the whole family. Something exceptional and ground breaking.

Yet something that can be challenging because:

It can be difficult to limit the focus to what everyone else in society is focusing on.

When one doesn’t ‘fit’ the mold, the education system, society’s norms, it can be a real struggle.

  1. What if the aloneness, ‘lostness’ and lack of focus can be harnessed so that the blocks are eliminated, the brilliance acknowledged and celebrated, and the lack of focus grounded by simple techniques.

It can, when properly understood. Moreover, in the context of the family where other family members will notice that they have areas of brilliance and sensitivity also, this can change the lives and health of all family members, and transform generations to come.

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