7 Tips for Adult ADHD Recovery Beyond Medicaton


Beat the overwhelm and confusion with superb, seamless, efficient organization and systems for everything.

And know the power and importance in taking time keep them in place.



The less you have in every area of your life; possessions, overwhelming lists of things ‘to do’, boring tasks, your appointment book, negative energy, the easier it’s all going to be for you.

THINK:      Ease  -    Simplicity   -   Laughter   -   Letting go   -   Fun!

AVOID:      Negative  -   Overwhelm



It seems PANIC, OVERWHELM, TRAUMA and SHUT DOWN can run in and take a grip. Allow time to breathe and reset.



So that it doesn’t become overwhelming (leaving you to lose focus or shut down)



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The Truth About Adults with ADHD

adhd Jul 01, 2019

You have to be wondering by now with ADD and ADHD scribbled all over the title pages; Is it a disorder?

The Answer is No!


A difference for sure, so maybe we could call it Attention Difference, often with huge splash of hyperactivity.

Attention is often low on the radar, but is it really? Or are they super aware of everything and just unable to focus? Are they often actually able to see the big picture, (or at least a lot of it), but struggle with details and minutiae?

On the other hand, they’ll often get lost with an intensity on some projects and tasks. There are 2 reasons for this;

The healthy reason is when their brilliance pours in. It’s healthy so long as they don’t lose themselves in this intensity for too long, and are encouraged to infuse it with balance.

The less healthy reason for getting lost in intensity is escapism. Escapism from overwhelm, outside stimuli, and their own busy mind. In this case an ability to calm, ground and focus...

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3 Things Most Parents of Children with Autism or ADHD Don't Know

adhd autism children fear May 02, 2019

Autism and ADHD aren't a Death Sentence... In Fact, They're quite the opposite.

  1. What if autism and ADHD aren’t disorders but a form of brilliance, specialness, a window into another world. Books written by children with autism tell us that they’re here to show the rest of us the way home.

The way home to what? To a part of ourselves we spend our lives searching for. They aren’t here to people please, or to follow society’s norms. They see life in a whole different way.

We see more kinds of brilliance in Autism and ADHD than in any other area of life. It’s where savantism, genius, hyper focus, and world change lives. In academics, the arts, and often also in an innate understanding of humanity.

  1. Research shows that where autism is found in a family, there is at least a 60% chance of ADHD, more autism, very linear thinking, and/or hyper focus. What does this tell us? It tells us that something special runs through the whole family. Something exceptional...
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