Why do we settle for “crumbs” in our relationships?

Why do we settle for “crumbs” in our relationships?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a relationship with somebody we didn’t even like much in the beginning, yet all of a sudden we’re under their “spell,” desperate for any attention they throw our way.

Or, maybe we pursue them for months, win them, ….and then run from them!

Why is it we sit under “tables of desperation,” waiting for the crumbs to fall? Why do we to fool ourselves that each crumb is far more significant than it is, whilst knowing deep down that our loved ones couldn’t care less about us? Answer: We don’t want to believe they don’t care because this means we’re worthless in our minds.

Other times, our relationships begin well enough, but somewhere along the way—slowly and subtly—our sense of self becomes eroded as we’re told we’re worthless. In the beginning, we put up a fight, use logic and reason, but eventually we...

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3 Things Most Parents of Children with Autism or ADHD Don't Know

adhd autism children fear May 02, 2019

Autism and ADHD aren't a Death Sentence... In Fact, They're quite the opposite.

  1. What if autism and ADHD aren’t disorders but a form of brilliance, specialness, a window into another world. Books written by children with autism tell us that they’re here to show the rest of us the way home.

The way home to what? To a part of ourselves we spend our lives searching for. They aren’t here to people please, or to follow society’s norms. They see life in a whole different way.

We see more kinds of brilliance in Autism and ADHD than in any other area of life. It’s where savantism, genius, hyper focus, and world change lives. In academics, the arts, and often also in an innate understanding of humanity.

  1. Research shows that where autism is found in a family, there is at least a 60% chance of ADHD, more autism, very linear thinking, and/or hyper focus. What does this tell us? It tells us that something special runs through the whole family. Something exceptional...
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You Are More Than Just the Family You Were Born Into!

by Skye Baloo 

Do your circumstances determine your mission?

As children, why do we end up in the big mansion or the filthy crack den? The fights, or the love? Education or none? Time to learn the piano or simply tend the land? For some reason, we’re born into our particular family, our parents, society, and carers.

There are so many factors we’re born into, it can seem ludicrous to consider the dynamics between our parents, how much time anyone has for us, and where we fit in.

Here’s a secret, something which can take years to learn: Parents aren’t really small Gods at all, they’re simply grown up kids themselves, often still lost and struggling. Chances are, they’re overwhelmed by their own survival.

Eventually, this is very liberating…but not real helpful when you’re a kid.

It’s almost as if before we arrive on earth, we know the deal, that we have a mission, something to accomplish while we’re on the planet....

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