About Skye Baloo Carnegie, Founder

Skye is a breakthrough researcher, educator, speaker and philanthropist in the maximization of human potential. Transforming the lives of those who’ve been stuck for a lifetime ‘when everything else has failed’.

She has the innate ability to quell the struggle, then identify and drive the fire of greatness which breathes within us all.

Founder and CEO of the Skye Baloo Carnegie Institute, and the ‘A List Foundation’ nonprofit for autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD.

After qualifying as a psychotherapist in the UK, Skye realized most people swap one neurosis for another, so she went to the mountains for 5 years to study the world’s greatest motivational and philosophical thought leaders. Looking for the very essence of the meaning of life, she found common themes, and wrote groundbreaking new theories which were so successful that she soon found herself called upon by clients across the globe.

Skye then turned her attention to genius and savantism, leading to research with autism, Asperger’s and ADHD. Her understanding of genius, passion, and ‘crushed spirit’ has disrupted the framework from one of disorder to that of insight and brilliance, bringing transformation and new hope to countless families worldwide.

With over 30 years’ experience as a global entrepreneur, she’s formed companies across the globe from Bavaria to Bulgaria and London to Las Vegas. She’s the ‘go to’ authority for entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking to maximize their own potential.

Described as a ‘genius in thought leadership’, Skye helps revolutionizes employee retention by effortlessly fusing state of the art corporate culture with unparalleled leadership psychology. Rather than nudging corporations to the next level, she raises them to an entirely new level of world changing contribution and legacy.

Philanthropy lies at the core of Skye’s beliefs, underpinning both the Institute and the Foundation. Her philanthropic enterprises have spanned mainstream and prison schools, suicide prevention, homeless centers, women’s refuges, autism education and outreach. The Institute and Foundation are passionate about ongoing research and education.

Championing a fully holistic approach, Skye is honored to partner with a host of experts in areas ranging from nutrition to neuroscience, music of the plants to neurogenic yoga.

Outside of the fun of bringing together world experts, and her endless passion for research, Skye can be found exploring remote wilderness trails, mountains, and oceans around the globe.


Dr Patricia Beckstead

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