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Scott Fitzgerald wrote of Gatsby,

“There was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, as if he were related to one of those intricate machines that measures earthquakes ten thousand miles away”


What of those of us who instinctively know of those promises of life, have a rare sensitivity to all that is, and a uniqueness which opens us to both wonder and ridicule?

We know the massive potential of all that is; we’re brilliant, different, raw, vulnerable, and easily crushed.

We’re the renegades, fighters, lovers of life. We are broken, beaten, yet filled with hope, and an insurmountable bravery. We know there’s so much more. Yet often we haven’t got a clue how to get there………….


I grew up alone, away from home after I was 11, ostracized, struggling and terrified. I didn’t know my own self and had no idea of the direction through. I was different.

Christmas morning, aged 16, I cried out to the universe, sick, suicidal, and desperately seeking the way.

Like a lightning bolt it hit me. In that moment I knew that one day I’d find the way, and that when I did, my role was to help show other people.

That was many years ago now.

I studied and became a psychotherapist, figured that might help me do ‘normal’ a bit better.

Yet, I soon realized many people simply swap one neurosis for another, and that often my training wasn’t enough, but what else was there?

After my partner of 15 years died of addiction, I was really done. I set off to the mountains for 5 years alone. I knew I HAD to find the way. This time I studied the motivational people, attempting to understand what they were saying. I wanted to condense it and make it easy for others to understand. I went back in time; who were the teachers of these motivators…. what was their essence, and how could I distill it into a form that would allow us to heal quickly and live fully now?

I was broken. I was alone with the mountains, having to give up and let go of all the anger, hurt and pain of my life. I had nothing but the rocks and the trees and the cacti for company. No one to depend on, and no one to blame. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was living the spiritual life I was learning about.

They were tough years. I was empty and very close to death. My immune system collapsed, and after years of struggle, I laid down to die. The fear had gone, I’d gotten to know life and nature so well, that we’d become one. It was ok to let go and be with it.

But it told me I was early!

That’s when I finally got it. I heard it, felt it, I knew. After a lifetime of being alone, everything came alive. I understood that we’re all connected.

I felt the dance of life, and I didn’t just hear its song, but the whole orchestra was playing.

When I got that, I was able to put together a whole new framework for others; a way of looking at uniqueness and difference which made perfect sense.

At the same time, years of study along with a deep understanding of what it truly feels like to struggle, enabled me to help people identify their patterns and break out of their bonds faster than ever before, whilst putting unique solutions in place; helping them find their passions and their own way to dance with life.

This expanded into an understanding of all difference, trauma, and brilliance. From anxiety and depression to autism and ADHD, and everything in between.

I began running all kinds of groups and helping people from all over the world get results when everything else had failed.

I love meeting and working with people one on one, it’s magical. I’m able to help them get to the root of things that they’ve struggled with for a lifetime, often in a single session. There’s no better feeling than helping someone lift that great fog and put tools in place to help turn their life around.

Bringing people together in groups is one of my favorite things of all. Once people are clear on what their unique issues are, what better way to remedy things than together, by growing, laughing and supporting one another.

To all of you who know there’s more, you renegades, free thinkers, you brilliant, crushed and misunderstood, you lovers of life….


Here’s your launchpad, your catalyst.

Stand on this framework. See your brilliance and uniqueness, and you’ll see the disorder and dysfunction dissipate.

I want to give you this cyberhome full of resources, where you can find yourself, your voice, your direction, and your tribe.

This is the place where difference belongs.

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