Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C.

A graduate of the prestigious National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL, Dr. Patricia Beckstead, has for many years been a leader in health care.  She is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for people of all ages.

Dr. Beckstead created and operated The Wellness Institute of Nevada, one the most successful wellness clinics in Nevada. For several years her clinic provided a wide variety of patient services including physical therapy, nutritional consultation, orthopedic evaluation, neurological examination, x-ray and other diagnostics, soft tissue therapies and spinal manipulative therapy.  

She has created a full line of nutritional and dietary supplements for men and women, in addition to bio-identical hormone replacement products called Balancing Hormones Naturally®.

Dr. Beckstead is a UNLV educator and provides lectures and seminars on healthy living and other health topics, including PMS, menopause, male andropause, hormonal weight gain, sexual health and more. She teaches “Healthy Living for Busy People” for the adult education program at UNLV. 

Dr. Beckstead is a published author and speaker on professional topics that include; alternative medicine, health and wellness and disease prevention.

She is recognized as a leader in women’s health-care with a multidisciplinary approach to disease prevention, health and wellness. Most importantly, Dr. Beckstead is a wife, mother and grandmother.



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