Kyra Thibodeau

I am Kyra, a Certified Essential Oils Coach, an educator, a world traveler, a family history researcher, a Damanhur-trained spiritual healer, and mentor to those who seek less toxic, more natural ways to care for themselves and their families, including their "fur-kids." 

All forms of natural plant intelligence intrigue me, both in nature and in the form of a pure essential oil that truly is just the plant - nothing added, nothing removed. Pure essential oil goodness is empowering in so many ways. 

I love experimenting with Music of the Plants, using a small device developed at Damanhur (an intentional sustainable community in Italy), to hear the different tones made by different plants in different growing environments. 

Music created with Tibetan singing bowls, Gongs and Doumbek are important to my meditation and sound healing practice for myself and others.

My personal as well as professional education, both at home and worldwide, includes plants, different cultures and their music, and family history research.  My obsession is helping people find what helps them stay healthy and well.


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