Shelly Loder


Shelly is a former professional dancer who has been choreographing, performing and teaching dance both nationally and internationally for over 25 years.  Now an EYT-500, she originally pursued a teaching certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga because this style of linking breath with movement felt like home with her contemporary dance roots.  More importantly, though, the attraction to the asanas(postures) of yoga, led to opening the door the healing path of true yoga and its eight limbs had to offer.  It became a journey toward integrating spirit and mind with the body and to seek a place of ‘eternal presence.’  As a person in recovery, she also shares a deep empathy for those suffering from dissociative mental illnesses like addiction and P.T.S.D. This prompted her to study and receive both Neurogenic Yoga and TRE(trauma releasing exercises) certifications. These healing modalities utilize the body's intrinsic therapeutic tremoring mechanism to release built up tension, stress or trauma stored within the body. 

   It is her mission and joy to share this healing work with others to bring much needed relief and the opportunity to experience the profound benefits over time as she has.  A connected and embodied life is possible!


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